Balancing group managers

Balancing group managers

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Gas Procurement Neutrality Charge as of October 2022

Berlin/Ratingen, 15 August 2022 • Trading Hub Europe GmbH (THE) is publishing the gas procurement neutrality charge today. The amount will be 2.419 ct/kWh (24.19 EUR/MWh) and will be charged from October 1, 2022 on all gas quantities withdrawn daily from a balancing group for withdrawal points with registered power metering (RLM) and for withdrawal points with standard load profiles (SLP).

The background to the introduction of the gas procurement neutrality charge is the regulation issued by the Federal Government and which came into force on August 9, 2022 in accordance with Section 26 of the Energy Security Act on financial compensation through a balanced price adjustment (Gas Price Adjustment Regulation). According to this, the gas importers directly affected by a significant reduction in the total gas import volume are entitled to financial compensation for part of the additional costs of replacement procurement, provided that the gas procurement contracts were concluded before May 1, 2022. “Compensation claims for the additional costs affected only exist from October 1, 2022” explains Dr. Thomas Becker, managing director of THE. “The companies entitled to compensation are entitled to compensation from THE, THE passes the corresponding costs on to the balancing group managers in the market area.”

The balancing neutrality charges, the conversion neutrality charge, the conversion fee, the VTP fee and the gas storage charge, which is also being charged for the first time, are published no later than six weeks before the start of the period of validity.