Balancing group managers

Balancing group managers

Publication of the Market Area Monitor

In this section Trading Hub Europe publishes information regarding the gas transportation data as well as the SLP and RLM consumption in the market area.

For this purpose, Trading Hub Europe draws on data from the ENTSOG API interface, among others. Please note that Trading Hub Europe does not assume any liability for the accuracy of said information, which is outside the sphere of influence of Trading Hub Europe. Trading HUb Europe is therefore not able to perform a quality assurance.


Please note that the data from the market area monitor is currently not complete. This especially affects days which are less than 3 days in the past.


The "total delta" shown in the chart represents the difference between the feed-ins and off-takes listed in the chart.

Market area monitor

From date
Gasday NOR DNK BeLux NL FRA CHE CZE AUT PL LNG SLP RLM Storage Production NS Call date
Austria: 67 GWh Switzerland: 31 GWh Czech Republic: -146 GWh France: 0 GWh Poland: 0 GWh Nordstream: 0 GWh Belgium/Luxembourg: 218 GWh Netherlands: 174 GWh Norway: 1044 GWh Denmark/Sweden: 0 GWh
LNG Terminals
164 GWh
-343 GWh
Production DE:
0 GWh
-433 GWh
0 GWh
776 GWh