Balancing group managers

Balancing group managers

Archive of publications for the former GASPOOL market area

This section contains all relevant publications for the GASPOOL market area which will continue operating until 1 October 2021.

Please note that the information provided here is not yet complete, as it is continuously being transferred from the previous website. When the Trading Hub Europe market area starts trading, this archive will contain all relevant information relating to the GASPOOL market area.


Prices, fees and charges

Balancing gas

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Press releases


19 August – Fees and neutrality charges effective from October 2020 for GASPOOL market area


16 August – Significant reduction of GASPOOL fees and neutrality charges effective from October 2019 


24 September – Information website keeps market up to date on journey towards the single German market area

17 August  – New fees and neutrality charges effective from October 2018

2 August – GASPOOL taking measures for the next winter season

28 June – TSOs intend to launch single German market area in October 2021

14 May – Launch of consultation on cost-benefit analysis of information provision arrangements pursuant to GaBi Gas 2.0


11 December – New director to join GASPOOL’s management board

18 August – GASPOOL publishes new fees and neutrality charges effective from October 2017

20 July – GASPOOL is tendering newly developed balancing energy products

7 July – Joint statement of GASPOOL and its shareholders regarding the Federal Councils decision on the amendment of the Regulation on Access to Gas Supply Networks (GasNZV)

12 June – GASPOOL brings network operators up to date on current topics and developments in its market area

9 June – GASPOOL launches VTP consultation

17 February – GASPOOL sets gas quality conversion fee at 0.40 EUR/MWh for the period from April to October 

2 February – GASPOOL launches supplemental LTO-tender process for low-cal gas area at short notice


30 September – Neutrality charge for the gradual switchover from low to high CV gas set at 0,2113 €/kWh/h/a for the market area GASPOOL

12 August – GASPOOL to launch new charges and levies

19 July – GASPOOL to invite tenders for system balancing requirements in accordance with BMWi policy paper on supply security

22 June – GASPOOL meets entire locational balancing requirements by trading standardised products on exchange

10 May – Bundesnetzagentur decides not to veto extended application of gas quality conversion fee
12 February – GASPOOL sets balancing neutrality charge to “zero” from April 2016

27 January – GASPOOL, NetConnect Germany and the association of German gas TSOs jointly support continuation of gas quality conversion fee

25 January – GASPOOL launches supplemental tender process for L-Gas control energy products 


16 November – GASPOOL and PEGAS to launch collaboration for area-specific physical exchange trades

16 October – GASPOOL revises gas quality switchover charge up to 0.0865 €/kWh/h/a

30 September – Neutrality charge for the gradual switchover from low to high CV gas set at 0,0745 €/kWh/h/a for the market area GASPOOL

14 August – GASPOOL to introduce separate balancing neutrality charges in accordance with GabiGas

14 July – GASPOOL to distribute €38 million to customers

10 July – GASPOOL holds information workshops on new Cooperation Agreement

20 April – GASPOOL churn rate passes 4-point mark for the first time

10 February – GASPOOL to drop balancing neutrality charge


2 October – GASPOOL Analysis Control Energy Costs

30 September – GASPOOL trades balancing energy via TTF

29 September - Publication of the neutrality charge for the gradual switchover to high calorific value gas in the market area GASPOOL

15 August – GASPOOL to reintroduce control and balancing energy levy from October 2014

7 July – GASPOOL to distribute 0,005 ct/kWh to customers

19 June – GASPOOL to launch third survey on virtual trading point

17 June – Changes in the management of GASPOOL

10 March – GASPOOL strengthens customer dialog

3 March – GASPOOL and NCG submit recommendation document to the Federal Network Agency

17 February – GASPOOL reduces control and balancing energy levy account

7 February – GASPOOL to continue charging no control energy levy

5 February – Initial development phase completed: GASPOOL reduces its management

30 January – The trading volume at the GASPOOL virtual trading point continues to increase

17 January – Launch of Market consultation for Implementation of Network Code Balancing Gas


8 November – Trading volume at the virtual trading point GASPOOL increases by 47 percent in the third quarter

14 August – GASPOOL to terminate control and balancing energy levy from October 2013 onwards

31 May – GASPOOL to launch second survey on virtual trading point

15 February – GASPOOL: Control energy levy to be reduced significantly; conversion charge remains unchanged

11 February – GASPOOL: Reliable flexibility and a liquid wholesale market as the basis for a secure procurement of control energy*


12 October – Market area managers present common target model for a standardised German balancing gas market

16 August – GASPOOL further reduces conversion charges as from October 1

8 June – Harmonisation of control energy procurement

4 June – GASPOOL to launch survey on virtual trading point

16 May – Harmonisation of control energy procurement

22 February – Joint market information of market area managers GASPOOL Balancing Services GmbH and NetConnect Germany GmbH & Co KG

16 February – GASPOOL lowers conv. charge and increases control energy levy


30 August – GASPOOL sets conversion charge

28 June – GASPOOL and Aequamus set to merge


12 August – Good prospects for the second gas year

18 May – GASPOOL new participant on the EEX Natural Gas Market

10 February – GASPOOL prepares for control energy trading on EEX


18 November – Online trading of control energy

1 October – GASPOOL launched successfully

24 August – GASPOOL launches online-platform for control energy

6 August – GASPOOL starts as of 1 October 2009

23 June – GASPOOL approved by cartel office

7 May – The new market area: GASPOOL

5 March – Cooperation for more competition and simple gas transport



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