Balancing group managers

Balancing group managers

Publication of the within-day flexibility charges

In this section, Trading Hub Europe publishes the within-day flexibility balancing quantities, the associated within-day flexibility balancing quantity costs and the within-day flexibility charge on a provisional and final basis.

Please note that you can view the development of the preliminary within-day flexibility charge on a daily basis in the download file provided for the preliminary within-day flexibility charge. Further historical data is not provided here.

The within-day flexibility charge is applied to all hourly cumulated deviations in the balancing group, the aim being to encourage intraday balancing of the balancing group. For this purpose, the hourly deviations of the balancing group are recorded and cumulated over the gas day. A tolerance of ± 7.5 % of the RLM daily quantity is granted for all RLM data series types. When the cumulated hourly differences exceed the tolerance, an invoice is generated, provided that opposing balancing gas transactions were necessary in merit order MOL1 and the MAM has incurred costs as a result. Further information on within-day flexibility charges can be found here.

Trading Hub Europe offers a free push service for preliminary within-day flexibility charges, which you can subscribe to at any time. You can also unsubscribe at any time. The data protection information for data subjects can be found here.

Preliminary flexibility charge

Date Preliminary flexibility balancing gas volume (MWh) Preliminary flexibility balancing gas costs (EUR) Preliminary flexibility charge (EUR/MWh)

Final flexibility charge

From date
Date Flexibility balancing quantity (MWh) Flexibility balancing costs (EUR) Flexibility charge (EUR/MWh)