Balancing group managers

Balancing group managers

Publication of the Transparency List 

As market area manager, Trading Hub Europe is obliged to publish a Transparency List. The list will disclose operators that have been found to be in breach of the relevant criteria. The valid criteria of the Transparency List are coordinated across the industry and are available for download here. 

The "declaration" and "data series types" criteria are published at M+10WD. The "qualitative data analysis", "data series types according to M+12WD" and "data series types grid interconnection point" criteria are published at M+2M+20WD. 

Network operators to be disclosed will be informed by the market area manager before publication of the Transparency List. 

Please note:

Until 1 October 2021, you will continue to find the relevant data on and

Transparency list

From date
Network operator code Name of network operator Reason for publication Criteria
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