Balancing group managers

Balancing group managers

Information and services for network operators

In this section we provide information and services for network operators.

Allocation and clearing process

Allocations are used to assign gas quantities to balancing groups or balancing (sub)groups. The network operator sends the relevant allocation data in ALOCAT format to Trading Hub Europe. After balancing by the market area manager, the allocation data are then forwarded to the balancing group manager. 

Detailed information on the allocation process and the relevant deadlines can be found here

If there are any subsequent changes to the expected allocations after the final allocations have been submitted, they can be corrected in a clearing process. The deadlines for submitting a clearing allocation are:

•    for SLP points from D-1CD, 13:01 until M+2M-10WD (-1CD) at the latest
•    for all other physical points from M+15WD until M+2M-10WD (-1CD) at the latest.

Before transmitting the relevant clearing allocation, the balancing group manager must apply for a clearing number and send it to the network operator. This clearing number is to be used by the network operator when it sends the clearing allocation.
In exceptional cases the clearing process for RLM exit points can be handled solely by the network operator. 

To help with the process of establishing contact between network operators and balancing group managers, Trading Hub Europe publishes the details of appropriate contact persons. These details are provided on the portal

For further questions, please contact Data Management, Balancing & Billing Management or Customer & Contract Management

Declaration process

Under the terms of the Cooperation Agreement, network operators provide the market area managers with a declaration list for the following delivery month in TSIMSG format by the 17th working day of the current month at the latest. The market area manager forwards this list to the balancing group managers by 12 noon on the 18th working day.

Network operators and balancing group managers can access valid declarations in the portal. Following the initial transmission of the declaration, there is also the option of a clearing process. 


Network topology

To be able to receive data on gas flows at system interconnection points, Trading Hub Europe must know the network topology and which network operators in the market area are responsible for the relevant data. 

For documentation purposes and for the necessary system adjustments, we kindly ask you to complete the form provided and to submit it to Trading Hub Europe if adjustments to the network topology are required.