Balancing group managers

Balancing group managers

Publication of the conversion neutrality account

According to the ruling of the Federal Network Agency of 21 December 2016 (BK7-16-050), Trading Hub Europe in its role as market area manager is obliged to publish a conversion neutrality account. 

The monthly balance of the conversion neutrality account is initially published on a provisional basis (the relevant lines are highlighted with a dark grey background), at the latest five working days after the end of a month. The final balance is published after the final data has been submitted. 

Further information on the conversion publications can be found here. 

Please note: 

For the publication of the final conversion neutrality account balance, it should be noted that invoices for earlier contract periods issued at a later point in time may require subsequent changes to be made to the final balance published. This applies in particular to the subsequent allocation of interest and other costs and revenues in connection with the conversion system. 

Conversion neutrality account