Balancing group managers

Balancing group managers

Results of tender for long-term balancing services 

Based on the demand of the market area partners, Trading Hub Europe conducts tenders for balancing services to hedge balancing gas quantities as long-term options in the market area. 

The results of the balancing gas tenders are provided below.

Please note:

The market area manager publishes the maximum amount of gas days in the performance period on which the market area manager can make use of the service ("call days") for the long term options in the product variant Rest of the Day. Therefore the column "call days" is only completed with values for the the long term options in the product variant Rest of the Day.

Current notification:

As part of the tenders at the end of 2021 and the special tenders for MOL 4 balancing gas products please note the following with regard to already accepted bids and bids that will be accepted for the performance period until 31 March 2022:

In case of call orders THE will use its best endeavours to contact all balancing gas providers, whose offers were accepted or will be accepted, by email or phone in addition to the regular REQEST message. This is to ensure that the call does not fail for technical reasons related to the transmission of the message. The contractual obligations of the balancing gas provider according to the product descriptions remain unaffected.

Results longterm tender

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