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Balancing group managers

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Trading Hub Europe completes second round of reviews pursuant to section 50 of the Cooperation Agreement

Berlin/Ratingen, 9 September 2022 Trading Hub Europe GmbH (THE) completes the second audit obligation in accordance with Section 50, Item 10 of the Cooperation Agreement (KoV). A total of 63 network balancing accounts had to comply with the obligation, for 46 network balancing accounts a significant and sustainable optimization possibility was identified. One penalty was implemented. The obligation was introduced following the report on the forecast quality of standard load profiles (SLP) drawn up for the first time in 2019, which found that some network operators still had persistently high, significant, and unusual network balancing account deviations.   

In 2021, for the first time, 79 network operators were asked to take part in both market areas. For 58 network balancing accounts a significant and sustainable improvement potential was identified, combined with the request to implement appropriate improvement measures by July 1, 2022. As of July 1, 2022, 56 network operators complied with the request. In consultation with the MGV, two network operators have agreed on an implementation deadline of October 1, 2022. The introduction of the so-called gas forecast temperature took place at 35 network operators and was thus the most frequently implemented measure.  

  Further information can be found in the summary report published on the THE website. It includes information regarding the relevant thresholds, the number of network operators contacted, the number of network operators that have identified significant and sustainable potential for improvement along with further information on the identified potential for improvement and the cumulative absolute network balancing account deviations over the last two years. As a result of the introduction of the review obligation, which was developed across all associations, market participants expect to see an improvement in data quality.