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Balancing group managers

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Trading Hub Europe publishes the contract terms for the new LRD product

Berlin/Ratingen, 7 September 2022 Trading Hub Europe GmbH (THE) today published the product description and the prequalification conditions for the new balancing gas product Load Reduction (LRD). In addition the adjusted Terms and Conditions for balancing gas were also published.

The LRD product places a special focus on the activation of switch-off potentials of industrial consumers for the use of balancing gas. With the new product LRD industrial consumers can make their switch-off potential available to the balancing gas market. If there is a need for balancing gas, the call is made at short notice within the MOL rank 4. The offer is not submitted directly via the industrial consumer but via the balancing group manager as a pre-qualified balancing gas provider. When submitting an offer the lot size and the lead time can be specified by the provider. The provider also has the choice between two price models.

The submission of offers for the LRD product is expected to be possible from mid-September 2022. Offers will be retrieved from October 1, 2022 at the earliest.

Detailed information on the product design can be found in the product description. The product description as well as the prequalification conditions and the updated Terms and Conditions are available for download under the following links.

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