Balancing group managers

Balancing group managers

Tender LTO Q4/2023 & SCB for October 2023

Trading Hub Europe invites tenders for Long Term Options (Hourly) & Short Call Balancing Services

Trading Hub Europe GmbH (THE GmbH) is inviting bids for the provision of balancing services in the periods indicated below in order to meet its long-term balancing requirements in the multi-quality market area Trading Hub Europe, with bids being requested for the "Hourly" product variant of the “Long-Term Options” (LTO) as well as for the product "Short Call Balancing Services" (SCB).

Please note that for the Hourly product variant of the LTO product as well as for the SCB product, bids are being invited for both the receipt (SystemSELL) and the supply (SystemBUY) of gas by providers, with providers to take and make delivery of low CV gas in the balancing zone specified below.

The tenders are carried out for the 4th quarter of 2023 (LTO Hourly) and for the month October 2023 (SCB).


LTO Hourly


Contract Period

1 October 2023, 06:00 hours
to 1 January 2024, 06:00 hours

1 October 2023, 06:00 hours
to 1 November 2023, 06:00 hours

Gas quality

Low CV gas (L)

Low CV gas (L)


SystemBUY and SystemSELL

SystemBUY and SystemSELL

Balancing zone

low CV zone “West” (LW)

low CV zone “East” (LO)

Requirement [MWh/h]

(in each direction)

(in each direction)


If you wish to respond to the above tender invitations, please submit your bids between 29 August 2023, 12 hours to 12 September 2023, 12 hours.

Please submit your bids through our Balancing Services Portal.

THE GmbH will accept bids by 15 September, 12:00 hours by awarding individual contracts (“System Balancing Transaction Agreements”) for the above contract period. Furthermore, we refer to section 5, sentence 7 of the Terms and Conditions for External System Balancing Actions "The Provider shall not be entitled to demand acceptance of one bid or all of the bids by the MAM".

The terms and conditions of the tenders ("Contractual terms & conditions for balancing gas providers") as well as all other documents required for participation in the tenders can be found in the download area in the section "Downloadcenter THE".

Link to the Terms and Conditions for External System Balancing Actions: Terms and Conditions  for External System Balancing Actions

Link to LTO product description: “Long-Term Options“

Link to SCB product description: "Short Call Balancing Services"