Balancing group managers

Balancing group managers

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Berlin/Ratingen, 19 August 2021 • Trading Hub Europe GmbH (THE) has published its charges and fees for the nation-wide market area starting on 1 October 2021. The SLP and RLM balancing neutrality charges as well as the conversion neutrality charge have each been set at 0 EUR/MWh. For the conversion from H-gas to L-gas, the market area manager will levy a conversion fee of 0.45 EUR/MWh, while the VTP fee will be 0.001 EUR/MWh.

According to the GaBi Gas 2.0 ruling, the market area manager has to determine and levy two separate balancing neutrality charges for SLP and RLM exit points. For the start of the Germany-wide market area, the two balancing neutrality charges have been set at 0 EUR/MWh. They are determined, among other things, on the basis of the forecast balancing actions and the resulting balancing requirement as well as the current balances of the SLP and RLM balancing neutrality accounts for the previous GASPOOL and NCG market areas.

According to the Konni Gas 2 ruling, the conversion charge has to be determined in a way that provides a sufficient market incentive for multi-quality gas trading, without the market area manager becoming the main procurer of the physical L-gas quantities. Against this background, THE has set the incentive-based conversion charge for the conversion from H-gas to L-gas at 0.45 EUR/MWh.

Together with the conversion neutrality charge, the conversion fee serves to cover the commercial and technical conversion costs. Following the forecasts by THE, the conversion neutrality charge has been set at 0 EUR/MWh.

The VTP fee which is payable by both the disposing and the acquiring balancing group manager for each nominated transfer of gas quantities from 1 October 2021 will be 0.001 EUR/MWh, which is lower than the VTP fees previously levied in the GASPOOL and NCG market areas. One of the reasons for the fee reduction is the expected increase in liquidity in the Germany-wide market area.


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