Balancing group managers

Balancing group managers

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Trading Hub Europe market area starts operations

Berlin/Ratingen, 1 October 2021 • On 1 October 2021, the Germany-wide market area Trading Hub Europe (THE) started its commercial operations. The high-pressure pipeline system in the market area has a total length of around 40,000 km, connecting more than 700 downstream networks and covering the entire German gas market. 

Together with the two market area managers, the German gas transmission system operators have actively prepared the establishment and design of the new market area. "The merger of the two market areas previously operated by GASPOOL Balancing Services and NetConnect Germany completes the successful market area consolidation in Germany," said Torsten Frank. "Thanks to its central location, high service quality and our customer-friendly approach, THE will be the central starting point for further cross-border links between individual European gas markets," added Dr Sebastian Kemper.

With THE, one of the most attractive and liquid gas trading hubs in Europe has been created, providing excellent opportunities for future growth. Shippers and end customers, network operators and balancing group managers will benefit.