Balancing group managers

Balancing group managers

Special Tender Long-Term Option (RoD)

Trading Hub Europe is conducting special tenders for the LTO product.

Trading Hub Europe GmbH (THE GmbH) is conducting special tenders for the product "Long Term Options" (LTO) in the product variant "Rest of the Day" (RoD). The special tenders take place for the provision (SystemBUY) of gas quantities by the supplier.





1 February 2022, 06:00 hours to 1 March 2022, 06:00 hours

1 March 2022, 06:00 hours to 16 March 2022, 06:00 hours

Gas quality

High CV gas (H)

High CV gas (H)




Balancing zone

Balancing energy subzone in the balancing energy zone high CV zone "South" (HS)

Balancing energy subzone in the balancing energy zone high CV zone "South" (HS)

Requirement [MWh/h]



Maximum retrieval days




Please note that in the above-mentioned special tenders, the physical effect may only be achieved via storage connection points (Storage) and performance-measured end consumers. The possible storage connection points (Storage) in the high CV zone „South can be found in this overview. Insofar as further storages are mentioned in the published list of points, they are not relevant for the current tender.

For the sake of clarity, please note that the storage points given below constitute a “balancing sector” within the meaning of section 3(2), sentence 3 of our System Balancing Terms & Conditions.

Furthermore, we refer to section 5, sentence 7 of the Terms and Conditions for External System Balancing Actions "The Provider shall not be entitled to demand acceptance of one bid or all of the bids by the MAM".

We expect your offers in the period from 17.01.2022, 11:00 a.m. to 21.01.2022, 11:00 a.m.

Please submit your bids through our Balancing Services Portal.

We will inform you about an acceptance of your offer by THE GmbH until 24.01.2022, 12:00 o'clock by concluding an individual contract for this performance period.

The terms and conditions of the tender ("Contractual terms & conditions for balancing gas providers") as well as all other documents required for participation in the tender can be found in the download area in the section "Downloadcenter THE".

Link to the Terms and Conditions for System Balancing Actions: Terms and Conditions  for External System Balancing Actions

Link to LTO product description: “Long-Term Options“