Balancing group managers

Balancing group managers

Tender SCB

Trading Hub Europe is inviting bids for the provision of balancing services with bids beeing requested for “Short-Call Balancing Services” for month March 2022

Trading Hub Europe (THE GmbH) is inviting bids for the provision of balancing services in order to meet its long-term balancing requirements in the multi-quality market area Trading Hub Europe, with bids being requested for the bilateral product “Short-Call Balancing Services” (SCB).

The tender is carried out for the month March 2022.



Period 1 March2022, 06:00 hours
to 1 April 2022, 06:00 hours
Gas quality  LOW CV gas (L)
Direction SystemBUY and SystemSELL
Balancing zone LO (low CV zone “East”)
Requirement [MWh/h] 1,500
(in each direction)
Number of lots
(1 lot = 10MW)

Please submit your bids through our Balancing Services Portal.

If you wish to respond to the above tender invitation, please submit your bids between 01 February 2022, 12:00 hours and 15 February 2022, 12:00 hours.

THE GmbH will accept bids by 18 February 2022, 12:00 hours by awarding individual contracts (“System Balancing Transaction Agreements”) for the above contract period.